New Lightyears pendant in six colour tones by Cecilie Manz

If anything, Cecilie Manz is a master of simple expression. A pure iconic shape with clear references to the past, yet with elements that guide to the future. This was what the popular Caravaggio lamp series was like, and this is what Mingus, Cecilie Manz’s new contribution to Lightyears’ collection, is like as well. However, Mingus is in no way related to Caravaggio. The pendant is in a class of its own, and the designer has consciously worked to create a wholly new, unique look.


The idea has been to create a simple, technologically uncomplicated pendant that shields modern low-energy light bulbs, provides good lighting and can be used for many purposes. Mingus is manufactured in aluminium and lacquered in six matt nuances. In addition to pure white, there are five other tones: blue-black, neutral grey, dusty moss green, a light green tone resembling celadon green and an off-white nuance a bit reminiscent of limestone. The tones change in different light and take on the colour of their surroundings. If several lamps in different nuances are installed, they interact with each other, eventually producing new tones.


The form is organic even if it originates in four straight facets. The lamp’s top is flat and fitted with an acrylic fixture that allows light to seep out. The bright ring therefore sheds some faint light on the cord. Mingus White has a white textile cord, whereas the other pendants are fitted with a light grey textile cord. Mingus is available in two sizes, Ø22 cm and Ø34 cm, and in the following nuances: White, Nearly Black, Very Grey, Pale Moss, Light Celadon and Dusty Limestone.


Suitable for incandescent light bulbs, energy saving light bulbs and Led.


Cecilie Manz’s universe revolves around her love of art, and the names of her lamps are a tribute to her personal favourites.  This pendant is named after the American jazzmusician and composer Charles Mingus.



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